Annual Report for 2015

Noble County Community Foundation Activities 2015

The Noble County Community Foundation completed its tenth full year of operations in 2014, following its January 2005 founding. The Board of Directors includes Judy McMullen; President, Shawn Ray; Vice-President, and board members Mike Buckey, John Cline, Kristi Close, Joy Flood, Andrea Hurst, Don Ullmann, and Jim Warren. Mike Lloyd serves as Secretary.

Grants and Funds Received

The NCCF unrestricted fund had very slight growth in a challenging 2015 investment year. The unrestricted fund grew from $35,803.30 on 1/1/15 to $36,014.09 on 12/31/15 for a growth of $210.79 or 0.6 percent. Major 2016 donations included $500 from Farmers and Merchants Balk of Caldwell, $1000 from AEP-Ohio along with memorial donations in memory of Martha Watson and Allen Brown.

The Michael Brienza Memorial Fund and the NCCF Scholarship Fund are the two scholarship funds under the NCCF umbrella. 2015 Brienza scholarships of $1,000 each were awarded to Allison Carpenter and Caleb Sanford. NCCF Scholarships of $750 each were awarded at the Noble County Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting to Haley Rossiter and Maria Warren. Assets of the NCCF Scholarship fund declined from $97,290.88 to $95,675.72 a decline $1,615.16 or 1.7 percent. NCCF Scholarship fund donations included $500 from Farmers and Merchants Bank. Together, the unrestricted fund and NCCF Scholarship funds declined from $133,094.18 to $131,689.81 a decline of $1404.37 or 1.1 percent.

Grants Made

The NCCF awarded four grants from its unrestricted fund in 2015 totaling $1,250.

• $250 to Team Monroe’s Higher Education and Learning Partnership fall 2015 program,
• $500 to Caldwell High School’s CAD auto design and construction program,
•$250 to the Noble County Historical Society’s Church and School painting project at Heritage Park, and
•$250 to the Noble County Historical Society’s Heritage Park Days.
The NCCF has awarded $15,750 to forty-four projects since its founding.

The $1000 grant received by the NCCF was earmarked for updating the NCCF’s website and extending its domain name and hosting agreement. The site has been renewed for five years and a new webpage should debut in early 2016.

The Future

The NCCF board of trustees continues to work to develop its existing funds and to develop new ones, all with the goal of using these funds to be a positive force for the future of the county. Additional information on the Noble County Community Foundation can be found at the NCCF website at, by contacting NCCF board members or Mike Lloyd, Board Secretary at or calling 740-483-1602.