Annual Report for 2013

Noble County Community Foundation Activities 2013

The Noble County Community Foundation completed its eighth full year of operations in 2013, following its January 2005 founding. The Board of Directors includes Judy McMullen, President, Shawn Ray, Vice President and board members Mike Buckey, John Cline (new), Kristi Close, Joy Flood, Andrea Hurst, Don Ullmann, and Jim Warren (new) as trustees and Mike Lloyd serving as secretary.

Grants and Funds Received

The NCCF unrestricted fund had strong growth in 2013 due both to increased donations and strong investment growth grew in 2013. With a beginning balance of $20,108.45 in January of 2013, the unrestricted fund of the NCCF grew by $11,661.34 to a balance of $31,769.79 on 12/31/13 for a gain of 58.0%. Donations provided most of the growth, as gift growth was $8,625 in 2013. The NCCF unrestricted fund had its two largest donations to date with a $5,000 donation from Stonebridge Operating Company, LLC and a $2,500 donation from Renaissance Bank Advisors, LLC. Donations from the Noble County banking community totaled $1125.

The NCCF umbrella now includes two scholarship funds. The Mike Brienza Memorial fund and Noble County Community Foundation Scholarship fund. 2013 Brienza Scholarship winners were Rachel Cooper and Haley Rossiter, each receiving $1,000 scholarships. In the Noble County Community Foundation Scholarship’s fourth year of operations, scholarships of $750 each were awarded to Morgan Massaro and Etta Ray and were announced as part of the Noble Co. Chamber of Commerce banquet in March of 2013. Assets of the NCCF Scholarship fund grew from $89,612.48 to $92,323.66 or 3.0%. The Noble County banking community donated $1125 to the scholarship fund. The low return on the NCCF Scholarship fund was mainly due to the conservative investment strategy for the fund. Together, the general endowment and the NCCF Scholarship funds grew from $109,720.93 to $124,093.45, a growth of $14,372.52 and a rate of 11.3%

Grants Made

The Noble County Community Foundation (NCCF) awarded four grants in 2013.

A total of $1,300 was awarded from the foundation’s unrestricted endowment. The grants were:
• $350 to OSU Extension, Noble Co. for a buzzer system used to train participants in the horse and dog bowl competition,
• $350 to the Town Square Quilt Lovers Guild used to help fund a summer day camp to teach quilting skills to youth,
• $350 to the Noble County Historical Society used to fund a summer day camp focusing on creative arts and photography, and
• $250 to Lutheran Social Services to support the Noble County Food Pantry.

The Future

As oil and gas wealth begins to flow into the county, we hope that individuals looking to share new found wealth consider the advantages of working with the local community foundation. More detailed info on various types of funds and donation strategies are found on our website.

The NCCF continues to be a positive force for Noble County. The board continues to work with the professional community, local residents, and the overall business community to continue the growth and development of the NCCF and the region. For additional information on the NCCF contact NCCF Board Secretary, Mike Lloyd at 740-732-5681, e-mail, or view information on the NCCF web site at