Annual Report for 2006

Noble County Community Foundation Activities 2006

The Noble County Community Foundation completed its first full year of operations in 2006, following its January 2005 founding. The Board of Directors remains unchanged with Bill Brelsford, Kristi Close, Jeff Minosky, Andrea Hurst, Shawn Ray, Don Ullmann, Joy Flood, Judy McMullen, and Sharon Tanner serving. Mike Lloyd continues as secretary.

The NCCF began as the idea of a core of interested individuals who saw the need for a charitable organization in the county to accept charitable gifts and bequests to improve the quality of life and benefit activities occurring in the county and the region.

Grants and Funds Received

The unrestricted endowment of the NCCF grew by 26.3 percent in 2006. From a beginning balance of $8,705.68 the organizations assets grew to $10,998.47 by year’s end. Approximately 71% of the growth ($2,975) was the result of donations made to the foundation and the remaining 29% ($1,193.92) came from investment income.

The two largest donations in 2006 came from local financial institutions as both Peoples Bank and Community Savings made $1000 contributions. Both of these organizations have committed to fund $1000 annually to the NCCF for a three year period.

The NCCF has been endowed with its first donor advised fund in excess of $45,000 which is designated to provide annual scholarships to graduates of Caldwell and Shenandoah High Schools. Further, the NCCF is working with a local financial institution on a possible second educational scholarship endowment.

Grants Made

The NCCF made four grants in 2006. Grants of $325 each were made in a summer funding round to the GMN Educational Services Center’s Bright Beginning’s Program for equipment for developmentally disabled youth in the county, to the Noble County Youth Soccer Program for electrical improvements at its new soccer complex in Caldwell, and to the Noble Learning Center for playground development at its new child care center in Caldwell. A $250 grant was made in the fall to GMN Tri-County CAC for its annual Christmas Basket program which helped to provide 99 food baskets to families throughout the county. Remaining expenses for the NCCF totaling $620.35 included costs associated with the web site and with investment fees.

Honors Received

Board members Andrea Hurst, Joy Flood, and Judy McMullen were nominated and awarded 2006 Outstanding Philanthropists by the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio (FAO) at a luncheon in Athens, OH in November of 2006. This award program was established in 2003 by the FAO to honor those who advance philanthropy in the region. Quoting from the “Stories of Philanthropy” published by FAO, “Judy, Joy and Andrea’s devotion to life in our county and region inspired them to work to establish the NCCF. After a year of existence, the NCCF is merely a seedling, but they hope that through continuing hard work (and a little good fortune) the local foundation will grow and will assist many worthwhile projects in the community.”

The Future

The NCCF Board continues to be happy with the progress of the organization. We would like to continue to work with both the professional community and the general population to promote the growth and development of the NCCF. For additional information on the NCCF please contact Secretary, Mike Lloyd at 740-732-5681 or e-mail: