Annual Report for 2005

Noble County Community Foundation Activities 2005

After a year or more of work, the Noble County Community Foundation (NCCF) was created in January 2005 as an affiliate of the Marietta Community Foundation (MCF). This method was chosen in an attempt to provide all the advantages of a community foundation, yet keeping administrative costs to a minimum. The following individuals serve on the NCCF board of directors: Bill Brelsford, Kristi Close, Jeff Minosky, Andrea Hurst, Shawn Ray, Don Ullmann, Joy Flood, Judy McMullen, and Sharon Tanner. Mike Lloyd is Secretary.

The NCCF began as the idea of a core of interested individuals who saw the need for a charitable organization in the county to accept charitable bequests to improve the quality of life and benefit activities occurring in the county and the region. Working with the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio through a process called the Philanthropy Index led to the founding of the NCCF.

Grants and Funds Received

The NCCF received its largest bequest of $3,000 from the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio (FAO). This was a challenge/matching grant that required the NCCF to meet the FAO grant dollar-for-dollar. The local grant was raised with $2,400 coming from Noble Co. financial institutions, $1,000 from local businesses, and $600 from various county residents.

A $1,000 grant was received from AEP OHIO. These funds are earmarked and have been partially used to set up a web presence for the NCCF. A web site, has been created that includes a history of the NCCF, news and events, different ways of giving, how to apply for grants, links to related organizations, and frequently asked questions and answers about the organizations.

Grants Given

The NCCF made its first round of grants in July of 2005 awarding $1,000 to three local organizations. Five hundred dollars was awarded to the Noble County Health Department for a Noble County Baby Shower, $250 was provided to GMN Tri-County for their Senior Farmers Market Program, and $250 was awarded to the Youth Leadership Noble Program.

Community Involvement

The NCCF has offered to work with a local business interested in raising funds to aid Hurricane Katrina victims, this shows how having a community foundation can not only provide assistance to local groups but can reach out to help in times of national crisis. In addition, the NCCF has been working with a local donor to establish a new scholarship fund for area residents.

The Future

The board of directors is delighted with our first year’s progress. The formation of the NCCF provides a new tool to maintain and improve the region. We hope to work with both the professional community and the general public to educate all in the benefits of a local foundation and to instill a planned giving culture in the Noble County area.

For additional information contact Mike Lloyd, Secretary at 740-732-5681 or e-mail: